I think this is it.

I think this is my favorite post on tumblr.

no. fuck no. actually, wait, got that last sentence wrong. fuck you. fuck the bastards who made this, fuck the idiots who completely forgot the fucking circumstances of this line - fuck you all.

clara is talking about her echoes. the fractures of herself she created for - oh, what was that silly reason again? oh, yeah, it was to save the doctor. she literally split herself into a million pieces for the express purpose of unraveling the damage the great intelligence did to his timestream.

clara’s echoes are born to save the doctor. what the fuck is your problem with clara stating something true? she’s literally saying that the fractures of her soul she created to save the doctor were born to save the doctor. wow, so horrible! i can’t believe her!

clara’s not saying ‘wow, i am the only person who has ever helped the doctor and saved his life!! i’m so much better than all the other companions he’s ever had!’ if you think that’s what she’s saying, go fuck yourself.

she’s falling through the doctor’s timeline, after sacrificing herself so she could save the doctor’s life. she’s speaking for her echoes, for all of the pieces of clara being born and living and giving their lives for their doctor all across the universe. clara’s echoes are born to save the doctor. that’s a fact, fuckity bye. if the doctor didn’t need saving, the echoes wouldn’t exist, so the echoes are created in order to save the doctor.

don’t make/reblog some dumbass gifset of the new who ladies rolling their eyes at a selfless woman who killed herself a million times over so that the man they all love could live. it’s not cute, it’s not funny, it’s a fucking dick move.

fuck you. fuck every single one of you.